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    This month, you could download these materials for free.
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    Library (aibochinese.com)

    HSK standard course
    HSK 1 HSK 2 HSK 3 HSK 4 HSK 5 HSK 6
    课本和练习册各1本,有Audio,模拟试题27份 课本和练习册各1本,有Audio,模拟试题23份 上下册,课本和练习册共4本,有Audio,模拟试题28份 上下册,课本和练习册共4本,有Audio,模拟28份 上下册,课本和练习册共4本,模拟试32题份 上下册,课本和练习册共4本,模拟试题28份
    YCT for Kids
    YCT 1 YCT 2 YCT 3 YCT 4 YCT 5 YCT 6
    课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio 课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio 课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio 课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio 课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio 课本和活动手册各一本,有Audio
    Developing Chinese
    综合篇 口语篇 听力篇 阅读篇 写作篇
    初级、中级、高级共6 PDFs,有Audio 初级、中级、高级共6 PDFs,有Audio 初级、中级、高级共12本(答案) PDFs,有Audio 初级读写、中级、高级共6 PDFs 中级、高级共4 PDFs
    Easy steps to Chinese
    轻松学汉语 1-8册 8 PDFs & Audio
    Road of success 成功之路
    入门篇 &起步篇 顺利篇 进步篇 提高篇 & 跨越篇 冲刺篇 成功篇
    学过100词,入门篇1本,起步篇2本 学过600词,2本PDFs 学过1200词,进步篇3本,进步篇·读和写 2本,进步篇·听和说 2本 学过3000词,提高篇2本,跨越篇2本&跨越篇·听和说 学过4500词,2本PDFs 学过6000词,2本PDFs
    BCT新丝路商务汉语 Boya Chinese Grammar
    初级、中级、高级共6本PDF 初级起步篇2本,准中级加速篇2本,中级冲刺篇2本,高级飞翔篇 2本  1、A practical Chinese Grammar for foreigners.  2、汉语语法100课 PPT & Video. 

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  • After join the VIP Class, then···
    For Example:when you join the Level 4 VIP CLass, then···
    Never succeed without action
    The First:click the “Guide”,the guide 1 is “ Learning Materials” for you to download

    The second: Make a Learning Plan based on your situation, for example

    The 3rd: Teke notes & Do exercises[if have questions, comment], then send me to check. Monitor your persistence in learning.

    The final: you deserve a certificate.


Necessary package of Learning Materials:HSK YCT BCT Developing Chinese, etc.

The materials listed here are enough to help you learn Chinese well
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