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Certification center

Welcome to AiboChinese certification Center

Our grade from beginning & End: HSK Level 1-6

1. When you look for a job in a company, this certificate is proof of your Chinese proficiency;
2. When you reach Aibo level 4 or above and come to work in China, we will provide you with free work consultation;
3. When your Chinese proficiency has reached level 5 or above and meets the requirements of teaching ability, you can be a Chinese teacher in Aibo.

How to get the certification?

Just 3 steps:
1. Go to the Proficiency Test center
Click here
When you finished the test, send the result to us

2.Self-introduction (In Chinese) recording about 2 mins, send to us

3.fill the application form
姓名(name):  ID Number:
国籍(nationality): 性别(sex):
出生日(date of birth): the Level :

Your Photo, Clearly
After that, we will handle it within 3 days, totally free of charge.

Kind Regards,
Teacher Abel


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